Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Earth's Inner Temperature Taken: It's Hot!

Scientists have measured the temperature of inner ward of earth using advanced instruments and new methods and they have found out that few thousands of miles below the earth the temperature reached 66000 degree Fahrenheit.
The finding is published in the Journal "science" which helps geologists understand how heat is transferred through planet's interior, which drives all the geological processes like earthquakes and volcanoes, and Earth's magnetic field.
Robert van der Hilst of MIT and his colleagues examined earthquake generated seismic waves in real time. These seismic waves are generated thousands of miles beneath the earth's surface, their speed depend on the material through which they travels and the existing temperature and pressure. Scientists have calculated the approximate temperature of mantle and core transition as 6500 degree and inner core 9000 degree almost equal to the surface temperature of sun.
The new temperature measurements will also helps geoscientists better understand the magnetic field of earth which protects us from cosmic rays and solar storms.
We know the Earth’s magnetic field is generated and maintained in the liquid outer core of the Earth where you basically have rapid flow of metallic iron,” van der Hilst said. Since iron is charged, the swirling iron mix sets up an electric field that gives rise to Earth’s magnetic field.
With advance of science and technology everybody should hope one day there will be affordable means to tap this tremendous energy for the benefit of the mankind.

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Blogengeezer said...

According to latest studies, Earth's magnetic North pole will be in Siberia within 100 years. In the past it totally 'flipped' (N to S) in less than 10 years. Last 'flip' was about 720,000 yrs ago. Earth is long overdue for another 'flip'. Usually 4 to 5 'flips' per million yrs. The 'null' period during 'flip' leaves earth vulnerable to the Suns 'flares' which are much hotter than the surface of the Sun. Use lot's of sunscreen. http://interglacial.wordpress.com/