Sunday, August 19, 2007

Top 10 Useless Limbs (and Other Vestigial Organs)

1-The Wings on Flightless Birds 6-Wisdom Teeth in Humans
2-Hind Leg Bones in Whales 7-The Sexual Organs of Dandelions
3-Erector Pili and Body Hair 8-Fake Sex in Virgin Whiptail Lizards (Vestigial Behavior)
4-The Human Tailbone (Coccyx) 9-Male Breast Tissue and Nipples
5-The Blind Fish Astyanax Mexicanus 10-The Human Appendix
Darwin has told all those in his book Origin of Species

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Shirley said...

Hummm, makes a person wonder what purpose they were meant to serve?
I liked your health blog so much, I had to take a look at all your blogs.