Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fighting obesity by electricity

The majority of mankind is now concerned over the increasing trend of obesity not only to the children but also to the adult.
Medical professionals are trying many ways to curb the disease. Many are successful and many are not.Now doctors at Mayo clinic are working with a company called ENTEROMEDICS on the VBLOC{Vagal blocking for obesity control}. VBLOC is insertwd laproscopically and uses electricity to use the vagus nerve,which connects the brain and the stomach. It prevents the stomach from increasing the size when someone eats. It satisfy the human with less food. The device turns on and off during the day,and shuts off for a period at night. An international study of 30 people has shown promising results and a larger final-phase trial is planned. It is uncler how much one will loose fat using this device!! But the researchers predict a 15 to 20 percent


Liudmila said...

My greatest dream is this.Don't think about the weight. But in this way it's possible to die... :)))

Kathleen B. said...

There are too many ways to lose weight on your own. I think it may be a sad statement that technology must do it for us. I ralize it's very difficult for many people. But, the fact remains that is an achievable goal.

Kathleen B. said...

Darn those typos. I really can spell realize correctly. (lol)