Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mother nature cries for divorce

Divorce can be bad for the environment. In countries around the world divorce rates have been rising, and each time a family dissolves the result is two new households.

"A married household actually uses resources more efficiently than a divorced household," said Jianguo Liu, an ecologist at Michigan State University who was researching about ecology and social science.
More households means more use of land, water and energy, three critical resources. Households with fewer people are simply not as efficient as those with more people sharing. A household uses the same amount of heat or air conditioning whether there are two or four people living there. A refrigerator used the same power whether there is one person home or several. Two people living apart run two dishwashers, instead of just one.

The United States, for example, had 16.5 million households headed by a divorced person in 2005 and just over 60 million households headed by a married person.

It is not just the case of USA. Taking consideration of whole world billions of dollar of money extra cost due to divorce. Extra garbage also produced due to increase in house hold.

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