Sunday, March 4, 2012

When cold fusion will be a reality?

We know that unification of two atom of any radioactive element produce immense amount of energy which may be converted to electricity or other form of energy. It is known that for for fusion to occur a fission( division of two atoms of radioactive element) is required to ignite. This is not possible in room temperature or producible temperature. This is not possible because tremendous amount of heat is produced in fission which in turn produce thermonuclear reaction or called fusion. In 1989 two scientists claimed to invent a cold fusion! but it did not workout.
Let us wait when scientists will be successful, so that the energy crisis will end for all time


Kathleen Blanchard RN said...

I would like to live to see the day when we have alternative energy sources available, affordable and 'clean'.

Liudmila Ferrara said...

As for me, the windmills and solar energy are just enough. If we could use them so as it is possible, we would not need other sources.