Friday, March 2, 2012


It is evident from quantum physics that energy can be produced from the matter. All the nuclear reactors and weapons are the example.
But is the reverse is possible! Can energy produce the matter? If it is proved then the mystery of creation will be resolved. We can know
how the universe is created.Scientists are trying to arrive at a conclusion but in vein. By bombarding two protons they saw that an particle
is forming but it has no stability. It vanishes when it is produced. Particle is called Higg boson particle.In last quarter of 2011 a big experiment was
done but it was not successful. Scientists are eying for 2012. That theoretical particle is called God particle.

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Liudmila Ferrara said...

It's a good name for such a particle! Hope, they will not find it. Never. I do not believe in the good intentions.