Sunday, December 9, 2007

Nine foot spitting cobra found in Kenya

Written by:Robert Roy Britt

spitting cobra refers to any one of several species of cobras that have the ability to spit or eject venom from their mouth when defending themselves against predators. The spit venom is harmless to intact skin. However, it can cause permanent blindness if introduced to the eye and left untreated (causing chemosis and corneal swelling)
Despite their name, these snakes do not actually spit their venom. They rather spray the venom, using muscular contractions upon the venom glands.
A new species of spitting cobra, discovered in Kenya, is some 9 feet long.
The finding “reinforces the obvious—that there have to be many other unreported species but hundreds are being lost as their habitats disappear under the continued mismanagement of our planet,” said Kenyan environmentalist Richard Leakey in a story on MSNBC.


Liudmila said...

I wrote about this cobra too ( ) and want to add now your post to the Related posts in the bottom of that post because you have additional info.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What a beautiful snake. Wish I took to them more but they make me skittery.


Kathleen B. said...

Good point, about our habitat. (sigh, it makes me soo sad) If the colors are true from the photo, that is a gorgeous snake. What vibrant colors! Thank you.

footiam said...

I have come across this colourful snake!