Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sun determines human longevity

The Sun is dynamical system and although solar cycles occur every 8-14years{ averaging 11.1 years), the researchers show that 28% of these cycles exhibit chaotic features and irregularly release up to 300% more ultraviolet radiation than usual. These chaotic solar cycles create an environment mutagenic to DNA that must be largely avoided in order to pass uncorrupted genes to the next generation. This requirement determines the limits of fertility, e.g., menarche and menopause in humans, and sets longevity to ≈100 years.It is due to teratogenic effect of chaotic solar radiation


Liudmila said...

Ah, you see, that is very interesting! There are so many things that influence our life. Sun too! I thought, it was only moon. And sun is only for cancer ecc.

Blogengeezer said...

Hello Liudmila. How is your nice cat?
The Suns surface is cooler than the Plazma ejected during solar flares. Maybe DeBasis knows why?
Another question. When the earth's magnetic poles go into their 'forthcoming' Pole change, our magnetic field will 'Null' during the 'flip' years. What happens to earths species without it's protection effect from the Sun's solar flare radiation?

Anonymous said...

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